We Heard People Life Are More Important Than Anything, We Were Born To Insure The Same

CAFS Friendly process

In 2014 CAFS (Creating advanced financial solutions) was started by a duo. They decided to change the insurance market with a User-Friendly Process. Over the years with our trustworthy service, we’ve made 20,000+ customers happy and grew over a 200+ family. Let us walk you through the journey we took.

CAFS Explain

How was Life insurance?

Years ago, the insurance agencies had only one or two insurance policies for their customers. Wherein customers were needing something more than that. The agents couldn’t meet their customer needs with the few options they had.

There was a huge pain point among the customers who wanted a professional to explain the life insurance policies. They wanted a trustworthy agent to have more options that suit their needs to the fullest.

CAFS Changes

How did we change it?

We went and met all the insurance agencies in India. We made sure we have all the insurance options with us. Later we learned about their advantages and the type of customers they suit into. We started selling policies with a customer-oriented approach.

We were able to cover most of the pain points the customers were facing. To our surprise, they were impressed and that’s when we decided we are going to continue this service of making people’s lives better. As days pass by, our customers were more than happy with our service. This made us provide something more than just providing life insurance.

CAFS Health

Why health insurance?

Customers, for a very long time never knew that medical expenses can be claimed with Health insurance. We thought this could make our customers’ lives even better. Thus, we followed the same approach that we did for life insurance.

We had all the companies that provide health insurance with us. We understood the customer’s needs first. We guided our customers throughout the buying process. The response made us believe strongly that giving customers delight is the only way to success.

We made our customers’ lives secured, we made sure our customers don’t have to worry about their health expenses. But we still wanted to do something more… That’s when wealth management came into action.

CAFS Mutual

Why mutual funds?

We took 44 AMC’s who provide mutual funds in India with us. Our experienced financial advisors’ customers assist customers in choosing the right investment. We analyzed the customer wealth requirements, their Investment goals, and budget.

We meet them in their comfort zone meeting them in person or through a video call. We explained the investment options and guide them throughout their investment journey.

So, What’s next?

What’s next? is the question our customers have for us every time we meet them. And we always say “The best is yet to come…”. Whatever service we provide, we make sure that we hold a customer-oriented approach. For which, customer delight makes us achieve even more than before.

Visit our product page and get in touch with our financial advisors to experience a whole new approach towards Life insurance, Health insurance, and Investments.