CAFS – The Journey

Creating Advanced Financial Solution (CAFS) was started in 2014. We aimed at creating a revolution in the insurance market with a user-friendly process. Over the years with our trustworthy service, we’ve made 20,000+ delighted customers and grew over 200+ family among three branches located in Southern India.

CAFS Explain

How was Life Insurance?

Years ago, the insurance policies offered to the people were limited, wherein the needs of the customer insurance were greater than the services that were offered to them.

Furthermore, the needs and expectations of the customer were not satisfied due to the hindrance of limited options proposed by the agents. That’s where our journey began.

CAFS Changes

How did we evolve it?

We converged with all the insurance agencies in India and assured them that we had all the insurance options with us. We learned the advantages and the suitable customers and sold our policies in a customer-oriented approach.

At CAFS we were able to understand the challenges faced by our customers. We started to serve their expectations with our services. We achieved customer delight in our service. That’s when decided of continuing this service that made people’s lives better.

Over time, our customers were elated by our service so, the dream of providing more than life insurance arose in our minds. 

CAFS Health

Why health insurance?

The customers were unaware of the fact that medical expenses can be claimed with health insurance and believed that this could make the lives of the customer better and followed the same approach that was used for life insurance.

We partnered with all the reputed insurance companies. We ensured that we understood the emotions of our clients to guide them throughout the buying process. As a result, the response from our clients made us believe that customer delight is the only way to succeed.

We made our customers feel secure about their lives and ensured that they do not feel apprehensive about their medical expenses. This did not stop here and we went one step ahead and that’s when wealth management was implemented.

CAFS Mutual

Why mutual funds?

We partnered with 44 AMC’s who provide mutual funds with us. Our experienced financial advisor’s customers assist customers in choosing the right investment. We analyzed the wealth requirements, investment goals, and budget of the customer.

Our financial advisors met them in person or through video calls according to the customer’s preference. We explain the investment options and guide them through their investment journey.

What’s next?

What’s next? Is the question that we always get from our customer. We give our customers the hope that we would come up with the best plans that would make them happy. Every service we provide we ensure it is a customer-oriented approach.

Visit our product page and get in touch with our financial advisors to experience a whole new approach towards Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Fund

If you are new to investments and want to learn how to invest, our financial advisory team is still there to guide you to start from understanding the investment basics and reach travel with you till you reach your financial goals.