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Group Insurance

Employees are family, why not insurance for them? Group insurance covers all the employees of your organization with better discounts.

    Group Insurance

    Group insurance is generally taken by the employer to his employees. More than a policy saving employees a huge money spent on heath expenses it also built a great bond between the company and the employees.

    Who should buy a group insurance?

    Group insurance can be bought by any employer for his employees. Insuring the employees’ health will give the firm and its employees an additional towards livelihood. This is because the fear of spending money on health expenses is vastly reduced. An employee without such fear can be more productive to the organisation.

    Facts to choose group insurance

    Group insurance becomes a stepping stone in taking the employer employee relationship to the next level. The policyholder should consider few things which are listed below.

    Network hospitals

    Network hospitals the list of hospitals where the policyholder can claim the expenses or take cashless treatment. If the list consists a good number of hospitals the employees can easily claim from the nearest hospital possible.

    Cover for employees

    Cover is the limit up to which the claim for medical expenses can be made by the employee. In general, with high cover the policyholder has to pay high premium. An individual has to decide the amount of money for cover and the expense incurred for choosing such policy.