I’m confused

“What you bought for 100 Rs. Five years back couldn’t be bought right now. What about the money you kept on bank for the same five years?”

    Knowledge Wheel


    Savings is the amount of money every earning individual has to save for future needs where 20% is the advisable amount.


    Investments are financials options where the savings can be spent upon with the goal to gain profits.


    Returns are the profits gained from the savings spent on the investments. Returns are respective to the risk taken.

    Financial News

    Financial news is the one important source of knowledge which a person has to know before investing.


    Risk is always associated with investments. The investor has to decide the level risk he wish to take with the money invested.


    Portfolio is an easy understanding of the investment made on different instruments by the investor.

    I’m Confused

    This service is specially for the people who are eager to invest but require a support in making such decision in terms of the potential of the investment made.

    What could we do for you betterment?

    Below are the services our financial advisors could provide to you. Our financial advisors are well trained in financial analysis, they have a proven track record of analysing and suggesting the most suitable investment options for investors who wish to make profits from their investments.

    Investment Advises

    If you wish to make any investment decision but still have a doubt, whether this investment could be profitable or not. We have our team of analysers who can analyse your investment decision and make suitable adviser.

    Portfolio Management

    If your wish to allot a certain amount of money to investment and for future returns. Our financial advisors could propose various investment strategies on how to create and manage a portfolio. By this the investor can leave the hassle of creating, maintaining and improving the portfolio.

    Portfolio Analysis

    If you have already invested in a portfolio but couldn’t reach the desired outcomes. Our financial advisors could analyse your portfolio to make proper transfer of investments from one place to another. These changes could take the portfolio to its full potential.