CAFS Individual

Individual Insurance

Make sure your health insurance doesn’t curb your savings.  The right insurance plan will keep your saving safe from such expenses.

    Individual Insurance

    Individual health insurance policies cover all pre and post hospitalization expenses paid by the policyholder around prior to 30 – 60 days and post hospitalization of 90 days. Individual insurance policy holders also have an advantage of cashless treatment where he is treated with paying any cash.

    Who should buy a life insurance?

    Life insurance can be bought by any individual who feels that he might incur expenses for his health treatments. After taking the health insurance the individual can claim all his expenses that he incurred during the hospitalisation.

    Facts to choose individual insurance

    Insurance is an investment made to save an individual’s hard-earned money. It is wise to understand certain facts before choosing a good health insurance policy

    Network hospitals

    Network hospitals is one important factor which includes the list of hospitals where the policyholder can claim the expenses or take cashless treatment.

    Waiting period

    Waiting period is the number of days the policyholder has to wait before the policy gets activated. The Waiting period differs from one policy to another. It is advisable to the individual to understand such policies before opting one.


    Cover is the limit up to which the claim for medical expenses can be made. In general, the premium amount paid every interval increases with increase in cover. An individual has to decide the cover and his ability to pay the respective premium